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My Trusculpt iD treatment at Tru Beauty Aesthetics was quick and painless.... more like a spa-day than a procedure. I know it's still too early to see results (4 weeks) but the skin around my thighs is feeling tighter. I took the day out of work, but honestly, I could have worked, worked out, or even ran a marathon right after.x

Lisa R

I had such a wonderful experience at Tru Beauty Aesthetics. From the moment I walked into the calming office and throughout the entire procedure it was fantastic. The staff was professional and calming, explaining the procedure in detail and answering all my questions. As far as the actual procedure goes, it was quick and pleasant - I'd like it to having hot stones for a hot stone massage placed on your for 15 minutes. Quick and easy, only one treatment necessary and in a beautiful office with a great staff, what more could you ask for!

Kelly G

truSculpt® iD is an innovative addition to the nonsurgical body contouring realm of devices. Patients find the treatment absolutely seamless with zero downtime. Most patients say the procedure feels like a hot stone massage. Many see results as early as six weeks and continue to see improvement up to 12 weeks. The reason why this treatment is superior to other noninvasive contouring devices is that it is truly customizable to the patients’ needs and can treat multiple areas in a single 15-minute treatment.

Michael Somenek, M.D. Somenek M.D. Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery, Washington DC

We upgraded to the truSculpt® iD because of the versatility of the device and its ability to treat multiple body areas in just 15-minutes hands-free. No other device compares in results with 24% fat reduction in such a short treatment time.

James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness, Overland Park, KS

truSculpt® iD allows patients to achieve truly tailored results in a significantly shorter time frame, making it a very appealing non-invasive option for permanently eliminating fat cells in stubborn areas. With such an efficient technology and the ability to treat multiple body areas simultaneously, we are able to treat more patients in a shorter period of time as a result.

Anne Chapas, M.D. Union Square Laser Dermatology, New York, NY