Tru Beauty Aesthetics

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each patient with the highest quality of care. We strive to create optimal results through creating an individually personalized treatment & providing excellent customer service.

What is

truSculpt® iD?

Trusculpt ID is the newest and most effective version of Trusculpt. This Non-sugical, Non-invasive treatment is not only hands free, but has the ability to treat a much larger area, and even multiple areas simultaneously. Hand-pieces cover up to 300cm on the abdomen and flanks in just one 15 minute session, and problem areas can be targeted for more personalized results.

During your Trusculpt ID treatment, you will feel a sensation of heat from the areas being treated. The feeling can be compared to a hot stone massage. The total treatment time is 15 minutes per treated area. You may immediately return to your normal daily activities after treatment. Fat reduction is not immediate, as your body gradually removes the damaged fat cells from your body. You will notice your full results 12 weeks after treatment.